Guild Battle – Font Matching

I’ve been doing Friday guild battles with my IT class every week so far this semester. This one was particularly interesting, especially with regards to self-regulation and collaboration. The challenge was to play a font matching game and try to get the highest score possible. If one person in the guild got a high score, […]

Guild Battle – Colour Game

While I have done a full-fledged gamified curriculum, I have been experimenting this year with putting students in guilds and doing a weekly guild battle. It reminds me of the table groups that many elementary teachers use and the friendly competition is really great for bonding. I find this transfers to non-game scenarios where students […]

Guild Battle – The Wiki Game

In my “Integrating Technology” diploma program in 2011, I was really experimenting with the gamification of education. One thing that I found to be quite successful was the creation of guilds to provide students with a support network in class. This ties in quite nicely with my desire for students to self-regulate since it will […]

Moodle 2.5 Badges

I’m very excited to try out badges in Moodle 2.5. I just upgraded my Moodle this week and this is just one of the new features available. I can set up course badges to be automatically awarded to students based on preset criteria. For instance I can award students a badge for posting X number […]

PVP Battles in the Classroom

I’ve been running a multiplayer classroom for a little bit over a month now and I’ve just started pitting guilds against each other. Most of the quests are PVE (Player versus environment) where their performance doesn’t make any impact on other players in the game and they can retry a quest if they wish to […]